Hello August

Just as the title says we are officially in August okay more like seven days in but hey you get my drift.  Its so hard to believe that the summer will soon be coming to an end, and fall will soon be approaching.

My son has been spending all summer in “The Big Apple” as he does every summer with his pops which I am always more excited about it than he is.  To be a kid growing up well staying summers in New York I imagined like an old Spike Lee movie.  You know so hot outside there is water blasting from the fire extinguishers, girls wearing hot pants, guys with no shirts on, girls with Popsicle’s and Afros and eclectic accessories that’s what I envision New York to be like in the summertime (lol I did just basically describe the movie “Crooklyn” by Spike Lee).

I find that I tell myself every summer I will make this summer better than the last but it seems to always be the same grind, grind, grind, work, work and more work.  I tell myself that I will do more traveling, more partying, more networking, even more working on my own creative craft.  I can say that out of the list I just rambled off above I was able to at least check off two of the things on that list, but still feeling like I somewhat wasted my summer by having to be an adult.

One thing I can say is come next summer ya girl will make sure to have a to do list, passport, more PTO hours and hopefully working on my creative craft on a full time basis.  But until then I will work on being great for the rest of this year and making sure to set goals and achieve them even if there daily goals.

~J’ai La Vii

Staying True To You Boo

Sometimes it feels like I am constantly going back and forth with myself about something whether it be about becoming a Vegan or Pescatarian, going to the gym or binge watching Being Mary Jane, or whether I should stay in a relationship or just or just throw my hands up and say forget it.  Regardless I have come to learn to follow your gut to always listen to your first instinct because most times than not it is right.  I am learning now that I am in my 30s that staying true to you is really all that matters.  This is something of course you don’t think too much about while in your 20s because your technically still trying to find you and what it is your looking for.

Meditation has become something I am slowly placing back into my daily routine just so that I am able to stay focus on the things that are the most important to me as well keeping myself leveled and centered.  One thing to remember is don’t let anyone make you be who you aren’t, stay true to yourself at all times even when it’s not trendy.

~J’ai La Vii


Tips to Staying Fit and Motivated

Not sure if its just me or if its hard for everyone to stay motivated when it comes to going to the gym, eating right and staying fit.  I have found that when it comes to committing to going to the gym on a weekly basis its always hard for me to stick to a regimen. I’ll do good at the beginning of the week but by the end of the week I am beat and the gym is the last place I want to go.  I mean I know I can’t be the only one who suffers from trying to find the motivation to get out the car and go work out come Friday.

I will admit that once I step in the gym the motivation floods back into my body and mind like all I needed was a whiff of the gym funk to get me going.  There is one thing I have found to making it a lot easier to getting in the gym and staying motivated and that is watching YouTube videos.   A lot of the videos show others going through similar situations as myself, and trying to find the balance.  My favorite right now is Chary Jay she is also going through a weight loss journey and is actually vlogging it which I think is just so brave and awesome!  For those like myself who also struggle with staying in the gym and being consistent with it knowing that there are also others out there struggling as well is motivational.  Here are a few tips I have been following to staying and keeping myself motivated and fit.

  1. Set realistic goals for yourself
    • What is the weight you want to lose
    • What area do you want to focus on some people want a bigger butt others want to lose a little belly fat just know what area you really want to work on
    • Understand that it takes time and results don’t happen overnight
  2. Meal prep
    • make a list of all the foods you want to cut out of your diet
    • make a list of items you want to start of with (make this list realistic and not to long)
    • Educate yourself on how to properly meal prep so that you are getting the best outcome
    • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water
  3. Watch workout videos to keep you motivated as I stated above I love watching YouTube for my inspiration and motivation
  4. Use Social Media to help you find new and fun ways to exercise.
  5. Join a fitness group
    • yoga
    • dance
    • cycling

Remember to have fun with it!


~J’ai La Vii





Graphic Tees

I recently purchased a Tupac Shakur graphic tee from an online retailer by the name of Boohoo.com.  I must admit I really bought it because of the movie that was a biopic of the late rappers life (plus I wanted to wear it when I went to see it lol).  Little did I know that I would get so many complaints on this one tee, from not only people my age but also older and younger generations as well.  This tee I have paired with both distressed jeans, mom shorts as well as leggings and I must say it is a versatile piece to have.  You can never have too many graphic tees.


~J’ai La Vii